Southwestern Diner

Jules' Kitchen

"Uptown flavors at down-home prices"

The Food at Jules

All-You-Can-Eat Brunch Every Sunday

Come by and enjoy our outdoor seating!

Our menu has all of your favorite traditional diner foods, as well as delicious selections from the American Southwest

Even though our Southwestern entrees have some of the same names as many Tex-Mex selections, we make ours a little differently.  For example:  Our enchiladas are made New Mexican style meaning they are flat like pancakes with the filling between the layers of corn tortillas.  We use Green Chili instead of red on all but the enchiladas and have several different levels of heat.  

Please tell your server how hot you like it!

Every Sunday from 10-2

Adults $12

Under 12: $7

Under 5: FREE

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(585) 531-9056

Have you tried our homemade desserts?

Strawberry Rhubarb Pie!

We're thrilled to offer Real Maple Syryp from Wohlschlegel's Naples Maple Farm

Gluten Free?

We offer a number of Gluten Free options.  All entrees made with flour tortillas can also be made with Corn Tortillas.  Or try one of our splendid homemade soups.  All our soups are GF and made fresh daily!  Also featured as GF alternatives: Salmon and Bean Burgers, Gravies and sauces.  Ask your server if you want your meal GF.  We're happy to accomodate your wishes if possible.  Neither Gluten Free nor Vegetarian items are certified but both are made with attention paid to the label.  We make sure we do not use gluten containing products in anything labeled GF and similarly, when we call something vegetarian there are no meat products or by-products included. ex: no lard in the beans, no wheat flour in the gravies.